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Tips On How To Manage Your New Bad Credit Mobile Phone Plan

Congratulations on getting a bad credit mobile phone contract! Now that you have the handset of your dreams, how do you go about managing your expenses afterwards? After all, only fairy tales end with happily ever afters – in real life, your money problems won't go away immediately just because you've gotten a mobile phone contract.

Assuming you're still struggling financially, you'd want to keep your expenses to a minimum. To help you do that, here are some tips to keep in mind while using your phone, to make sure you use it wisely and practically.

Monthly Plan Limits

First of all, never forget your monthly plan limits. Always keep in mind that you have a limited number of texts and limited minutes on calls. While there are a lot of plans that cease to function once you reach your monthly limit, most providers simply charge you extra for any excess usage outside your monthly limit. If you can, ask for a plan that will stop functionality once you reach your cap, meaning you won't be able to text or call until the month is over.

However, a business is a business, and excess charges is one of the many ways providers earn money. It is up to you then to keep track of everything. Always check your balance whenever you can, and don't get carried away during calls. Have set milestones during the month, like dividing your monthly limits by four and then using those numbers to limit your usage for the week. Tracking your usage weekly instead of monthly makes things more manageable.

Go From The Ground Up

Even bad credit mobile phone contracts have a wide variety of plans to choose from. However, to be on the safe side, simply stick to the most basic. If you find that you can spend a little bit more, you can always upgrade. Start from the lowest and most basic package and work your way up. Upgrading is always easier than downgrading.

Use Your WiFi If You Can

One of the biggest expenses people have with regards to their mobile phone usage is mobile data. 4G/LTE is a nice feature to have, but it is extremely expensive. If you love using your mobile Internet, then simply plan out what you need to do – sites to see, apps to download, etc. and then wait until you get a WiFi connection to do everything you need to do. Take advantage of Wifi availability whenever you can. Believe it or not, you can live comfortably without needing your mobile data.

Negotiate As Much As You Can

Remember during your mobile phone contract application, there was a lot of conversing and negotiating between you and your mobile phone provider. Hopefully, you did not waste the opportunity to bring down monthly terms to your level. Some people say yes immediately to the terms of the provider, especially people who've been rejected repeatedly. All they want is to get a mobile phone contract so they don't even negotiate anymore.,/

This is a bad idea. It may make the process easier, but it would make life a living hell after you get your mobile phone. Negotiations are important – always try to make the agreement easier for you, especially in terms of monthly payments. If you bypassed this important step, don't worry about it. Bad credit mobile phone plans are notorious for being understanding and flexible. If at any point you are finding it difficult to stay within your limits, or if payments are difficult to make, always talk to your provider