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Do you perform credit checks on your applications?
Some of our partner providers don't perform credit checks on applications. While some do, they either do it for documentation purposes or have very lenient credit rating standards.

Does this mean I can get a mobile phone even with poor credit?
Yes, our company was created to serve as mediators and guides for people with bad credit. We ensure they get the best bad credit mobile phone deal that has everything they have, plus something that's easy for them to pay.

What do you need then if you don't check my credit score?
With some providers, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit to avail of the plan. However, most of our partners will only require you to submit proof of income. As long as you have the ability to pay for your monthly plans, you're good.

What handsets are available to me?
Because we have a wide network of connections with top providers in the UK, we are able to offer the best and latest models in the market from best-selling brands. Keep in mind; however, that going for the latest and newest handsets might decrease your chances of getting approved because of the handset value.

But what if I get rejected?
We guarantee the best chances of approval here at Kent Phones, but as always, not everything goes perfectly. Common rejection reasons that we have encountered here are primarily due to technicalities, like incomplete document requirements or not filling out mandatory fields in the application. However, most of these mistakes are minor and your attention will be called to any problems ASAP so you can rectify it and re-submit.

Do all your mobile phone contracts include an initial payment?
Not every deal requires one. If for example, you have really poor credit ratings, and you're vying for a fairly new handset, the provider might ask you to make an upfront payment. Basically, the larger the risk is for the provider, the higher the chances they'll ask for an initial deposit.

What mobile phone provider do you belong to?
Our service is not owned by any of the leading mobile phone contract providers in Britain. We are an independent service that is affiliated with several top providers in the country. We are not biased towards any single provider – whichever provider offers the best plans to suit our client's needs will be the deal we endorse.

How long is the lock-in period for the contract?
Lock-in periods vary per provider and per plan. Depending on what you and the provider agree on, you might be asked to stay committed for the whole year, or for two years. Remember, the longer the lock-in period is, the lower your monthly payments are.

How To Score An Easy Approval For Bad Credit Mobile Phones

While bad credit mobile phone deals have a ridiculously high success rate, it is a small wonder why some people still get rejected even after being matched with the best providers for them. Sometimes, the reason is something minor and could have been easily remedied if only things were taken with proper care.

Online applications for bad credit mobile phones are really convenient, and with our service, you don't need to go searching for deals in the market. We do the hard work for you, and all you need to do is apply for the suggested deals to achieve success. However, the convenience comes with a price – some people don't take things too seriously and go into the entire process in an informal manner. To increase your chances of success, here's a small checklist we've compiled so you can double check if there's anything you've forgotten or missed.

  • • Application forms have certain fields that are mandatory. Failure to answer important fields in the form will result in the form being sent back to you for revision. After filing out the form, double check everything to make sure you've answered everything.
  • • You will need to submit documents for your mobile phone contract. Make sure you have everything with you to avoid delays.
  • • Answer truthfully. Our service hinges on your honesty in your application. We match you with the providers who will give you the most chances of success based on the information you give us.
  • • Don't be afraid of your credit score. We are a service that caters to bad credit clients, so it's nothing new for us, or our partner providers. Just be honest and transparent about your financial situation so we can create the best possible solution for your circumstances.
  • • Keep your standards low. Although bad credit mobile phone deals are there to cater to people in dire financial situations, it's still a long shot if you want to get the latest and best handsets. The newer the handset is, the stricter things will be. If you want guaranteed success, go for handsets that are not so in-demand.
  • • If your credit score is really bad, go for a SIM only offer. This might not be what you had in mind, especially if all you want is a handset, but it's a good start. People with really bad credit scores will have a hard time applying for anything, even bad credit mobile phone plans, so it's best not to be choosy. You can start with a SIM plan, then upgrade to a handset plan after a few months of diligent, timely payments.
  • • Ask us for help, no matter how small it is. We are here to provide assistance while you're applying for a mobile phone contract, so if there's anything you don't understand, simply ask. It's better to know for certain what you're getting into before you take the plunge.
  • • Do your research as well. While all of our partners are legitimate and thriving businesses in the mobile phone industry, it's always nice to know more about the people you're dealing with. Look into the background of potential providers and how they handle their customers. Check reviews and testimonials on both the providers and the handset you have in mind. Read up on different handsets so you can get the model that is perfect for your lifestyle.

These are just some of the many things you can do to ensure that your application is a success. Remember, while the process is quick and easy, don't rush ahead without proper preparation and adequate research.